Glory Days

We live in an “instant” society. Do you want to talk to someone on the other side of the globe? Just pick up a phone. Better yet, you can use your computer or mobile device to talk face-to-face, free of charge. Need something from California? You can get it delivered in 24 hours. There’s even talk of companies using drones to deliver pages to your front door within a number of hours.

The microwave, the internet, the cell phone — these are all things that have changed our world. Even social media sites like Facebook let Grandma see live videos of her grandbabies who live in another state.

But in all that instantaneous speed, things are lost. We don’t know our neighbors like we used to. Children don’t play ball for hours in the neighborhood. We don’t gather our families around a TV or radio to catch our favorite show. Microwaves are nice, but the food can’t beat a slow roast or a Thanksgiving turkey.

There are advances in our society today, but yet there are things that were glorious in the past that we miss. This Glory Days special section is a reflection of the past. We’ve reprinted some old photos to show what life was like years ago. Some of the scenes our older readers may recognize and some are too old for anyone alive to remember.

Either way, take a look at what our world was like for our past generations. A special thank you to Philip Palen, John Sipos, Todd Langworthy, Peter Komada and Andrew Woloszyn for providing some of the photos.

— Managing editor Gregory Bacon