Westfield Middle School names February Students of the Month

WESTFIELD — On a monthly basis, Westfield Middle School honors one student at each grade level as the Student of the Month. Teachers and staff had the opportunity to nominate one student who they believed met the following criteria:

1. Follows Westfield’s Rules of Respect for staff and peer

2. Shows outstanding effort and improvement or shows achievement and consistent high scores on tests, quizzes and projects

3. Prepared daily to participate in all classes

4. Serves as a positive role model for peers

5. Demonstrates a positive attitude and good citizenship

Three students were selected as a Student of the Month for the month of February.

At the sixth grade level, Makartnee Mortimer was named Student of the Month. In school, Makartnee likes ELA and social studies because she enjoys writing and learning about history. She loves soccer, and in the future, she would like to become a professional soccer player and a history teacher.

Bianca Seger earned this award for seventh grade. Bianca also enjoys ELA and social studies the most, because she likes to read and write and feels confident with these subjects. As a hobby, she practices gymnastics and spends much of her time outside of school at the YMCA in Lakewood. In the future, Bianca would like to become a veterinarian and/or competitive Olympic gymnast.

At the eighth grade level, April Fleck was selected as Student of the Month. In school, her favorite class is science because she likes the hands-on lab work and finds her teacher to be very funny and entertaining. She loves participating in competition cheerleading, and her immediate goals are to earn good grades and pass 8th grade!

The Westfield School and community offer their congratulations to these outstanding students.