Understanding Christianity

The Reformation gives us help to understand Christianity. In the past nine months we have discussed many different topics in relation to our celebrating, during 2017, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Most importantly we have focused on He who is at the center of Christianity — Jesus Christ. There has been topics of different happenings related to the Reformation. There have been articles touching on Martin Luther’s part in the Reformation. We even learned how the Reformation has affected our current educational system.

Today I want to move from Jesus through all the other topics to look at our faith. Remembering the Reformation is not as much about history as it is about Christianity. We find that we do not move from Jesus but with Jesus. As we can never forget that the Reformation is all about Jesus, so also all the other topics are connected to Jesus. And so also is Christianity.

What do you know about Christianity? I ask not to question your faith, but to get you thinking about how you would answer anyone who comes to you with that same question. As scripture says, “Always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is within you.” The Bible, God’s own Word, which He has given to us is the source of all that we need to give people an answer about our faith. Using that great gift as the source and basis, the Reformers and others, confessed and proclaimed their faith in writing. These public statements were shared with rulers and then with all people.

One of these writing was authored by Martin Luther not just to explain Christianity to unbelievers or new believers but even to priests as he found many who did not know much about the basics of Christianity. This writing is still available for us today. A resource that we can use to help us know our faith and then also to share that faith. It has been around for almost 500 years and has been widely distributed during that time. It is written in a clear, easy to understand way. You can get a copy.

Just ask for a free copy of “A Simple Explanation of Christianity” when you contact, or visit one of these churches: St. Paul Lutheran Church, Fredonia (672-6731), Immanuel Lutheran Church, Gowanda (532-4342), or Trinity Lutheran Church, Silver Creek (934-2002).