Pastor Jeff Hering presents ‘Luther as Preacher’ tonight

Under the theme: “Luther as Preacher,” we will look at the fascinating and multi-dimensional figure of this Augustinian monk.

Theologian, pastor, preacher, propagandist pamphleteer, best-selling author, earthly saint to his followers, devil to his detractors, Luther was a man who straddled the medieval and modern worlds. His life and ministry were founded on a world stage far, far distant from our own modern culture. In our conversation on “Luther as Preacher,” we hope to briefly view this figure in his own time and circumstances, and to know him as a human being. And like all Christians, to view Luther as a human being defined by his faith and haunted by his faults.

The presenter will be Pastor Jeff Hering, retired Lutheran Campus pastor and Director of the Center for Religious Life at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

The presentation will be held tonight, Sept. 9 at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 334 Temple St., Fredonia, beginning at 7 p.m.