Sorry Otis, I needed a repair

OBSERVER Photo by Gib Snyder Above: Otis keeping an eye on things from his living room nap site. Below: The knee before staples were removed.

Some time back I wrote about the four-legged little dog who runs our house and how he awaits my return from wherever. For some 60 hours at the end of August I was gone from the sight of Otis. The other subject in his little kingdom, my better half, had to take him around periodically so he could check for himself.

Even now, some six weeks after my return, King Otis still keeps a an eye on this loyal subject. The Mrs. doesn’t escape his scrutiny either. If we can get out of the house while his 15-year-old self is sleeping, all the better.

As far as Otis was concerned, I could have been on the moon instead of being a few blocks from home at Brooks Memorial Hospital. Seems it was time for his court jester to get a new knee.

It was a matter of time before it had to be done, and Dr. Fitzgerald and the rest of his masked crew did a great job. Another big help in preparing for this adventure was all the advice and reports from folks who have already had knee replacement surgery.

Basically the advice went something like, “It’s going to hurt like hell for quite a bit (two to four weeks depending on who was doing the telling) but do the exercises and it will start feeling better.” Quite the same as I heard from the surgeon’s team.

They were right about doing the work, and a big part of getting back to “normal” is the excellent care and the BMH physical therapy department. Special thanks to Kristen, Steve and Brett for their efforts working with this old-timer. Another team of professionals doing their jobs well.

The biggest help however, as always, comes from the Mrs., who has prior experience in helping me recover from surgery. Between appendicitis, a broken leg and hernias she has kept the household running. Who am I kidding, that’s the way it is anyway.

Hopefully, when this new knee allows me to return to regular activities, the surgery will have cured most of my hooks and slices on the golf course. Then again, that problem likely originates inside my cranium.

That is all for now!

Gib Snyder is the Lifestyles Editor