Students of the Month announced at CLCS

Quinton Fredrick

Students of the Month at Chautauqua Lake Central School, honored for September achievements, are Quinton Fredrick, Megan Brown, Mollie Meadows, Rachel Wilson, David Gard and DeRean Lewis-Baldwin. The student recognition program honors students in grades 7 through 12 whose classroom performance, attitude toward learning, work ethic and extra-curricular activities set them apart.

Senior Quinton Fredrick is the son of Jessica and James Fredrick of Dewittville. This year the classes he enjoys the most are Advanced Placement (AP) Environmental Science, human anatomy, and physics. Throughout his years at CLCS, Quinton has competed on the track, wrestling and football teams. As a freshman, he was recognized for earning the highest average in living environment (biology). Outside of school, he spends his time working at Evergreen Outfitters, hiking, and biking. When asked what person in history he most admires, Quinton chose Swedish video game programmer and designer Markus Persson “because he created Minecraft.” If he could be someone else for a day, Quinton would like to be Bob Marley because “he is famous for his songs and his peaceful protests.” Quinton plans to study sciences in college.

Megan Brown, daughter of Theodore and Leslie Brown of Ripley, is a junior who says creative writing and AP U.S. History are her favorite classes this year. Megan is extremely involved in a wide variety of school activities that highlight her varied interests. She has competed on the volleyball and track teams since eighth grade, earning Most Encouraging and Positive Attitude Awards for volleyball. She displays her leadership skills by serving on Student Administration. For the last two years, she was elected class president, and she is an Impact Campus Fellowship leader. She has participated in the last two school musicals and is a member of the Book Club. Outside of school, Megan enjoys running, reading, writing stories, “crying over TV shows,” and participating in the youth group at the First Baptist Church of Westfield. In history, she admires Eliza Hamilton because “she was a strong, forward-thinking woman and helped the people around her.” Megan looks forward to attending a “great college, hopefully Fordham University, majoring in theater with a concentration in playwriting, living in New York City as a famous screenwriter/playwright, winning an Oscar. And hopefully having an attractive husband who loves me.”

Sophomore Mollie Meadows is the daughter of Joanne Meadows of Mayville and the late Roy Meadows. When asked what classes she most enjoys, Mollie explained, “I really love chorus and Chorale, but of core classes it’s a tie between living environment and English.” She has been playing volleyball since third grade, performing in school musicals since sixth grade, and has been a member of both Chorale and Book Club since freshman year. Last year she was recognized for outstanding effort in a new science course, Metamorphosis: A Course About Change; and for two years she has been honored with awards for outstanding dedication in volleyball. Outside of school, Mollie enjoys reading, Cheetah volleyball, kayaking and paddle-boarding. She is active in the youth group and the School of the Arts, both at Park United Methodist Church in Sinclairville. In history, she also admires Eliza Hamilton because “her husband was never around and then cheated on her, and her first son was killed shortly after, and she stayed strong and established the first private orphanage in New York City.” If she could be another person for a day, she would pick actress Auli’i Cravalho because “she is only 16 and she has made it so far,” having starred in the film, Moana. After graduation, Mollie would like to pursue an acting career, first attending SUNY Fredonia to study acting.

Freshman Rachel Marie Wilson, the daughter of Laura and Steven Wilson of Mayville, selects global studies, chorus, and living environment as her favorite classes. Rachel enjoys participating in the school musical and being her class secretary. She received multiple honors at eighth grade graduation; she has been named a Student of the Month annually since seventh grade; and her fifth grade science fair project won a grand prize. Outside of school, Rachel enjoys running, baking and spending time with friends. The historical person she most admires is Barack Obama because “he is an eloquent speaker.” The person Rachel would like to be for a day is restaurateur Guy Fieri because “who wouldn’t love to visit all those diners, drive-ins, and dives?” Rachel is considering a career in nursing or as a guidance counselor.

Eighth grader David Russell Gard III is the son of David and Violet Gard of Ripley. Physical education, social studies, and algebra are his favorite subjects this year. He competed on the track team last year, earning a varsity letter. He was also named a Student of the Month last year. Outside of school, David enjoys reading and playing video games. He admires Franklin Delano Roosevelt because “he led our country through most of the Great Depression and World War II.” If he could be another person for a day, David would choose his father because “I would like to see what kind of work he does daily in his job and to see what his daily life looks like.” He plans to keep his grades up and to continue competing in a sport, and he looks forward to attending college.

Seventh grader DeRean Lewis-Baldwin is the son of Elizabeth Hustead of Ripley. His favorite classes are math and science. His passion is football; he plays on the Chautauqua Lake team and also enjoys playing football outside of school. DeRean admires Martin Luther King, Jr. because of “the wonderful things he did.” If he could be another person for a day, DeRean would choose Barack Obama because “I would have the title of the greatest president to some people.” DeRean hopes to become a marine biologist.

Teachers Amy Redman and Tara Reyda coordinate the Student of the Month recognition program in the secondary school.