“The Spectator” receives 45 awards for student publication

Submitted Photo The Fredonia High School “Spectator” staff received 45 awards from the Empire State School Press Association sponsored by Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications. Spectator staff (bottom row left to right): Aurora Merwin, Taylor Lemiszko, Casey Huber, Gabe Persch, Kevin Redfield (top row left to right) Lindsay Lotter, Ella Gould, Bre Rosen, Anna Schrauth. Missing from photo: Finn Frerichs and Laural Erick.

SYRACUSE — Fredonia High School’s student newspaper, “The Spectator,” received 45 awards at the Empire State School Press Association conference at Syracuse University on Nov. 3. This recognition places the paper among the top student publications in New York State.

“The Spectator” received the gold, or highest award, in 15 categories, including best newspaper and service to school. Co-adviser Lisa Reinhardt was also named 2017 Adviser of the Year.

“It is wonderful to see our students’ work recognized at ESSPA, and it really is about the achievements of our editors and staff. More than 40 students helped with the paper, and each contributed in a unique way,” Reinhardt said.

Reinhardt and Dadie Sedota co-advise the paper. Sedota said that the paper’s quality is the result of teamwork, where students work together to create carefully crafted stories and art.

“Writers truly care about their stories, and seeing their efforts rewarded really encourages students. Spectator is a reflection of Fredonia,” editor Casey Huber, a senior, said.

Gold awards include: Editorial writing, staff award (Anna Schrauth, writer), editorial cartoon (Andrew Montanez), editorial columnist (Casey Huber), front page design (Cam Forster, Fotini Landis and Sophie Thompson), feature layout (Kate Fiorella), news photograph (Katie Webster), news story (Corey Dawley), photographer portfolio (Katie Webster), picture layout/story (Katie Webster and Emma Deckard), portrait photograph (Katie Webster), special event/topic coverage (art coverage by staff), sports photograph (Mikayla Reynolds), sports feature (Sydney Swan).

Silver winners: Editorial cartoon (James Przybycien), news story (Casey Huber), picture layout/story (Hannah Suchanick), sports news (Hannah Suchanick, Katie Webster).

Bronze award winners: Editorial writing (staff), editorial page (staff), interview story (Claudia Roney), personality profile (Zoya Katta), photographer (Sophie Thompson), picture layout (Sydney Swan), sports photograph (Katie Webster, Mikayla Reynolds), sports feature (James Przybycien, Mikayla Reynolds, Claudia Roney), in-depth coverage (Marissa Burr).

Honorable mentions: Editorial cartoon (Nataly Giordano, Finn Frierichs), editorial columnist (Taylor Lemiszko), in-depth coverage (Hannah Suchanick), news photograph (Cassie Vecchio, Kevin Redfield), photographer (Sydney Swan, Mikayla Reynolds), picture story (Sophie Thompson), portrait photograph (Lauren Stelmack), sports photograph (Taylor Lemiszko).

Editors responsible for the 2016-17 issues were: Sydney Swan, Corey Dawley, Vince Gullo, Claudia Roney, Kevin Siracuse, Casey Huber, Anna Schrauth, Sophie Stevens, Aurora Merwin, Breanna Rosen, Lindsey Lovern, Liam Pickreign, Kevin Redfield, Lindsay Lotter, Hannah Suchanick, Gabe Persch, Laural Erick, Taylor Lemiszko, Paige Nicosia, Ella Gould, Marissa Burr, Mikayla Reynolds, Cam Forster, James Przybycien, Finn Frerichs, Nataly Giordano, Tyler Cloos, Emma Deckard, Lilly Fuentes, Nate Manning and Kate Fiorella.

According to Reinhardt, the entire staff contributed to the recognition at ESSPA, since the gold awards for overall achievement reflected the work of the individual award winners as well as students working as copy editors, writers, artists and photographers.

Senior editor Anna Schrauth said, “The cooperation of all members of the staff and the advisers is truly astounding to me sometimes. I think that’s really what makes us an award-winning paper.”