November Students of the Month at Chautauqua Lake Central School

Angela Tessmer

MAYVILLE — Students of the Month at Chautauqua Lake Central School, honored for November achievements, are Angela Tessmer, Grace Bukowski, Kyleigh Perdue, Sierra Mathews, Claire Millspaw, and Natalie Gilkinson. The student recognition program honors students in grades 7 through 12 whose classroom performance, attitude toward learning, work ethic and extra-curricular activities set them apart.

Senior Angela Tessmer is the daughter of Steve Tessmer of Ripley. The classes she enjoys the most are Honors Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Spanish, government and psychology. Angela has competed on the track and field team, participated in Language Club, and was inducted last fall into the National Honor Society. She and her Holocaust Studies class were recognized with an award for respect, empathy and inclusion. Outside of school, she enjoys reading and photography. When asked what person in history she most admires, Angela chose humanitarian educator Carl Wilkens, the only American to stay in Rwanda during the genocide, “because he did the right things and helped those who needed it despite all the circumstances facing him.” If Angela could be another person for a day, she would like to be model Chrissy Teigen because “she’s great at cooking and is married to John Legend.” After graduation, Angela would like to “further my education at college in a career that I love.”

Grace Marie Bukowski, daughter of James and Stephanie Bukowski of Mayville, is a junior who says English and creative writing are her favorite classes this year. Since freshman year, Grace has competed on the basketball and swim teams, as well as singing in the select chorale. Outside of school, Grace enjoys playing travel basketball, drawing, painting, reading, and sleeping. In history, she admires “No one at the moment; it’s hard to admire just one person because there are so many amazing people I could choose, but I can’t just decide which one.” If she could be another person for a day, Grace would be filmmaker Tim Burton because “I love all of his movies and I would love to know how he creates each idea for all his movies.”

Sophomore Kyleigh Elizabeth Perdue is the daughter of Amy Marlinski of Mayville. This year, her favorite classes include math and science. She is an avid athlete, competing on the varsity soccer and basketball teams. Basketball honors include a Coach’s Award and an award for outstanding dedication. She was also named offensive MVP in soccer. Kyleigh continues her passion for playing soccer and basketball outside of school, too. In history, she admires Susan B. Anthony because she fought for women’s rights. If she could be another person for a day, Kyleigh would be All-American basketball player Gabby Williams because “I would like to play basketball in the WNBA and experience being able to play as a great player.” After graduation, Kyleigh is considering a career as a math teacher “or something in the math field or possibly something to do with sports.”

Freshman Sierra Lynn Mathews is the daughter of Lyn and Jason Mathews of Mayville. This year, Sierra most enjoys her Living Environment and gym classes. She is an active member of both the Trap and Ski clubs. Outside of school, Sierra enjoys snowboarding and drawing. She looks forward to high school graduation.

Grace Bukowski

Eighth grader Claire Lily Millspaw is the daughter of Brian and Sarah Millspaw of Westfield. Art and science are her favorite subjects this year. In school, she enjoys participating in Art Club and Junior Student Administration. Outside of school, she enjoys art, dance and musical theater. Claire admires singer-songwriter Kurt Cobain because “he stood up against gender roles and homophobia and was a great musician.” If she could be another person for a day, Claire would be composer Lin-Manuel Miranda because “he wrote my favorite musicals.” She hopes to become an art/music/drama teacher or an actress.

Seventh grader Natalie Renee Gilkinson is the daughter of Sorena and Robert Gilkinson of Mayville. Her favorite classes are Math 8 Honors Lab, technology and band, where she plays the clarinet and bass clarinet. This year she competed on the modified girls’ basketball team and the swim team. She is also a member of the Book Club and participates with the High School Bowl academic team. Outside of school, Natalie enjoys photography, playing her guitar, playing basketball and camping. She admires Rosa Parks because “she went out of her way to show she cared. It really speaks out to me how she went against prejudice and racism.” If she could be another person for a day, Natalie would choose actress Emma Watson because “she is so encouraging. She is an amazing actress, and she helps with a lot of charity.” Natalie plans to attend college, become a mechanic, and start her own business.

Teachers Amy Redman and Tara Reyda coordinate the Student of the Month recognition program in the secondary school.

Kyleigh Perdue

Sierra Mathews

Claire Millspaw

Natalie Gilkinson