October Students of the Month at Chautauqua Lake Central School

Madelyn Harle

MAYVILLE — Students of the Month at Chautauqua Lake Central School, honored for September achievements, are Madelyn Harle, Megan Strine, Hailey Tolbert, Hannah Weise, Lily Woodis and Emily Hawkins. The student recognition program honors students in grades 7 through 12 whose classroom performance, attitude toward learning, work ethic and extra-curricular activities set them apart.

Senior Madelyn Harle is the daughter of Mike and Julie Harle of Mayville. This year the classes she enjoys the most are art, creative writing, and human relations. Madelyn has competed on the volleyball team since her freshman year and has been named a Post-Journal Athlete of the Week. For two years she was an active member of Student Administration and has participated in the school’s book club.

Outside of school, she enjoys playing volleyball, reading, writing, and painting. When asked what person in history she admires the most, Madelyn chose humanitarian educator Carl Wilkens, “because through the Rwandan genocide, he showed courage by staying and helping those in need. This not only inspires me but also encourages me to be a better me for the sake of others.”

If Madelyn could be another person for a day, she would like to be Canadian poet, writer, illustrator and performer Rupi Kaur because, “I think it would be amazing to spend a day writing poetry and sharing it with an audience as big as she has.”

After graduation, Madelyn would like to attend a four-year school to study social work.

Megan Judith Strine, daughter of Marty and Patty Strine of Ripley, is a junior who says Honors English, Mandarin Chinese and government are her favorite classes this year. Megan is very involved in the Student Administration, serving as class secretary during her sophomore and junior years. She was recently inducted into the National Honor Society. Outside of school, Megan enjoys being the coordinator of Operation Christmas Child at the First Baptist Church of Ripley, spending time with friends and reading. In history, she admires Coretta Scott King because, “she fought alongside her husband for advances in equality.”

If she could be another person for a day, Megan would be a student at the University of Florida because “that place is pretty cool!” She looks forward to attending college “somewhere warm” for pre-med or pharmacy studies.

Sophomore Hailey Joyce Tolbert is the daughter of Erick and Amber Tolbert of Ripley. This year, her favorite classes include history, math and science. She enjoyed competing on the tennis team this year. In history, she admires Marilyn Monroe because, “she helped change the standard of beauty, and she knew that women are more than a pretty face.”

If she could be another person for a day, Hailey would like to be a teacher “to see how it feels to be on the other side of education.” After graduation, Hailey looks forward to college and, “working toward my career.”

Freshman Hannah Noelle Weise, the daughter of Ezra and Tammy Weise, both of Mayville, selects geometry, global studies, and Spanish as her favorite classes. Hannah has competed for the past two years on the JV basketball and softball teams. She has achieved high honor roll status every quarter since she started seventh grade and has earned multiple academic awards.

Outside of school, Hannah enjoys spending time with family, drawing and playing travel basketball. The historical person she most admires is Confucius because, “he taught many important topics including the Golden Rule which is still used throughout today’s societies.”

The person Hannah would like to be for a day is professional basketball player Elena Delle Donne because, “she is a very strong and driven basketball player who has incredible skill that I would love to have, even for a day.”

Hannah plans to continue her education in college, although she has not yet decided what she will study.

Eighth grader Lily Belle Woodis, the daughter of Mike and Heather Woodis of Dewittville, was also a Student of the Month last year. Physical education, English and history are her favorite subjects in school. This is her second year competing on the school’s basketball, softball and volleyball teams. She was named MVP at the Clarence volleyball tournament. She has also been elected class president for two years in a row.

Outside of school, Lily enjoys playing travel basketball and volleyball and being a member of both the Chautauqua County Junior Holstein Club and the Chautauqua Fireworks 4-H Club. She admires Rosa Parks because, “she knew what the consequences were if you didn’t give up your seat, but she still refused to move.”

If she could be another person for a day, Lily would want to be president of the United States, “so I could see what it was like.” Her goals include playing basketball in college and becoming a diesel mechanic.

Seventh grader Emily Elizabeth Hawkins is the daughter of Ryan and Julianne Hawkins of Ripley. Her favorite classes are social studies, science, and English. She competed on the modified girls’ soccer team this year. Emily admires Albert Einstein because, “of his work ethic, determination, and his nobility. Because of his determination, he created inventions that changed the world for the greater good.”

If she could be another person for a day, Emily would choose Helen Keller because, “she suffered vision and hearing loss and persevered through this, learning to read, write, and eventually earning a bachelor’s degree.” Emily plans to continue to do well in school and is considering a career as a veterinarian.

Teachers Amy Redman and Tara Reyda coordinate the Student of the Month recognition program in the secondary school.