Educational Spotlight

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When driving by Wheelock Early Education Building on the corner of West Main Street and Chestnut Avenue in Fredonia, don’t be surprised to see a group of children examining deer tracks, waving flags as they parade around the building, or watching different birds as they flock overhead. The students are most likely following the lead of their teacher, Mrs. Ellen Foley.

Foley is one of four Universal Prekindergarten teachers for Fredonia Central School District, and the co-instructional leader for the UPK program. She has been a teacher at Fredonia Central School District for 32 years and has been a vital part of the early childhood program success.

Foley introduces her students to their first public school experience through play, exploration, and discovery. Her classroom is an interactive center full of independent play activities, class pets (including a snake and bearded dragon!), and a multitude of science-related books, puzzles, and objects to ‘explore.’ She is well-known throughout the county, and even the state, as one of the warmest, kindest, and best early childhood educators in our area. Students are greeted daily with a smile, a hug, and a lot of encouragement to be independent and responsible for their own belongings and self-care (toileting, hand-washing, nose-blowing, etc.). Foley shows our youngest students how to be lifelong learners and helps them develop an eagerness for discovery and curiosity.

It is without hesitation that we would like to showcase Ellen Foley as an Outstanding Educator for Fredonia Central School District. It is teachers like Mrs. Foley that make our school such a great place for kids.