Re-grand opening being held at Curves

Curves, located at the D&F Plaza, is happy to announce their re-grand opening for the whole month of January. Along with the re-grand opening, Curves is celebrating with a Strength Training Festival, encouraging new and existing members to gain the benefits from strength training. The festival will run for six weeks, starting Jan. 17 and going to Feb. 24.

“We encourage women to empower themselves with circuit training at Curves. This is a chance for the members of our community to come in and see the Curves Circuit, meet our coaches, and learn more about our program” said Mia Bamonto, Curves owner. “We are happy to open our doors so community members can learn how Curves can help them reach their wellness goals.”

Curves is famous for its 30-minute circuit with a coach that gives members a full-body workout, working every major muscle group, through strength training, cardio and stretching.

The Curves Specialty Classes*** offer workout moves for key focus areas like balance, flexibility and strength.

For more information, contact Mia Bamonto at 716-679-2878. Curves also accepts some insurances including Silver Sneakers and Independent Health to name a few.