Silver Creek lauds November Knights of the Month at the high school

Submitted Photos Junior Mary Reagle, freshman Cindy Schwab and sophomore Blake Waller were honored recently as Knights of the Month for November 2017 at Silver Creek High School along with senior Stephen Romanik (below).

SILVER CREEK — Four students from Silver Creek High School were named Knights of the Month for November 2017 for practicing and promoting social intelligence. Social intelligence is having a desire to learn about different people and cultures, caring about others, and wanting the best for all people. The following upperclassmen have demonstrated superior social intelligence:

¯ Freshman Cindy Schwab: Teacher Jessica Kardashian described her as conscientious, hardworking and a model student. She also is fun-loving, compassionate and a considerate friend.

¯ Sophomore Blake Waller: Teacher Dan Tomaszewski described her as incredibly kind and friendly with an amazing ability to brighten any room with her humor. If a student is feeling down, she finds a way to cheer them up and finds every way to make sure they will be OK.

¯ Junior Mary Reagle: Teachers Caitlin Wojciechowski and Kelli Marcus noted she is consistently kind to others, mature beyond her years and has an impressive way of interacting with her peers. She is considered a role model for her peers and possesses a strong moral compass.

¯ Senior Stephen Romanik: Teacher Rachel Castiglia says he motivates others to give their best efforts and align their behavior with acceptable goals. He is optimistic, confident, friendly and approachable. He encourages others to work toward higher goals and is sensitive to the emotions of others.

The students were presented with certificates and a gift certificate to the Knight’s Korner school store.