Butterscotch Dan

We asked readers to share their stories on how they

connected with their pet that was once in need. The response

was overwhelming. Here are the two winners and their prizes, which were donated by Nestle Purina in Dunkirk:

Butterscotch Dan

Some cats just don’t get adopted. Some have to go out and find their forever home on their own and that’s just what Danny did.

He was born to my neighbor’s house cat. I remember her asking me if I wanted a kitten, a beautiful orange and white, long haired kitten. I declined. The years went by and Dan was put up for adoption at the Lakeshore Humane Society Adoption Center.

I remember seeing his picture in the paper. I’ve spoken to some of the people that volunteer there and they still remember him. He is very memorable. He has long straight hair, not puffy, but flat and he has a black smudge over his left eye. His right eye was injured before he came here. He can’t see a thing out of that eye and it isn’t pleasant to look at. Aside from that he has an exceptional personality. He’s also a big cat, lean, long and tall.

I suppose he was tired of being un-adoptable and he was living back at the neighbor’s house again when he started spending his mornings at my house. First he was taking up the whole hood of my son’s truck. Then he was rushing in my back door, as soon as it was opened to gobble up the dry food in my cat’s dish. I never put food outside. Then he was lounging around inside awhile and using our litter box.

I tried explaining to him time after time, day after day that he didn’t live at our house and I wasn’t taking in boarders. My granddaughter loved carrying him around. They looked comical together. She struggled to hold him as fully half a cat dragged on the ground. “Can we keep him?” was the question that sealed the deal.

I walked around the block and told my neighbor that her Danny was finally being adopted. He wasn’t a kitten anymore, being probably all of four years old at that time. To go with his new residence he was given a new name. He’s now called Butterscotch Dan, but the name change hasn’t changed the big beautiful cat that knew all the time that given the chance, he could find a forever home on his own. Truth be told, that’s what really happened. He adopted us, not the other way around and he’s stayed here with us for eight years and counting.

— Janet Maslach