Westfield Middle School announces January Students of the Month

Hannah Tenamore

On a monthly basis, Westfield Middle School honors one student at each grade level as the Student of the Month. Teachers and staff had the opportunity to nominate one student who they believed met the following criteria:

1. Follows Westfield’s Rules of Respect for staff and peers

2. Shows outstanding effort and improvement or shows achievement and consistent high scores on tests, quizzes and projects

3. Prepared daily to participate in all classes

4. Serves as a positive role model for peers

5. Demonstrates a positive attitude and good citizenship

Three students were selected as a Student of the Month for the month of January.

In 6th grade, Hannah Tenamore was selected as Student of the Month. In school, Hannah enjoys band and ELA the most. She plays clarinet and likes reading and writing short stories. Outside of school, Hannah plays soccer and softball, and is excited to participate in Westfield’s 10-12 girls’ softball team this spring. Her future goals are many: to excel at playing clarinet, maintain high grades throughout her entire education, attend college, and eventually become an elementary school teacher like her mom.

The 7th grade Student of the Month is Collin Hoffman. The subjects Collin enjoys most in school are ELA and social studies. Collin plays guitar and hopes to one day become ranked as the best guitar player in the world. Collin likes working with his hands and building projects.

Joanna Seminatore is Westfield’s 8th grade Student of the Month. Like Collin, she also enjoys social studies and ELA the most. She likes learning about history and also reading and writing. When she’s not in school, Joanna has been horseback riding for 11 years and loves it. She also dances and participates on the track team. In the future, she would like to be a game warden because being outdoors and protecting animals is one of her passions.