Educational Spotlight at Fredonia Elementary School

Submitted Photo: As you walk into the new wing at Fredonia Elementary School, you’ll notice the laughter, positive atmosphere, and pride emanating from the classrooms. Enter Mrs. Michelle McAfee’s fourth grade classroom and you become witness to a special place where all of the students are empowered and challenged to not only be their best academically, but to be their best as a person. Mrs. McAfee has the unique ability to truly touch the lives of children by believing in them, no matter what, and giving them the power and ability to believe in themselves. Mrs. McAfee has taught at Fredonia Central School District for the last 19 years, as an Elementary School teacher in a variety of grade levels, as well as many years at Wheelock Primary School. Mrs. McAfee is the type of teacher you hope and dream your child will have each year. She creates an environment where kindness and respect are the most valued traits a student can have. She creates a community in her classroom, individualizing and differentiating for every single child so each of them have an opportunity to be challenged, yet learn persistence and perseverance so they embrace rigor, both in learning and in life. Mrs. McAfee has established the new Learn and Serve service group (along with Mrs. April Hartung) for the elementary students to extend these lessons outside her classroom into the community. It is with great pride and honor that the Fredonia Central School District is choosing to showcase Mrs. Michelle McAfee as the next Outstanding Educator for our district. It is special people like Mrs. McAFee that make our school an amazing place for all students.