Fredonia Rotary Students of the Month

Emily Gronquist

Emily Gronquist was selected at the Fredonia High School Rotary Student of the Month for March.

Emily was born in Ithaca, New York and lived there until her family moved to Fredonia in the summer of 2000. She lives with her parents, younger sister, and also has an older brother who has moved out.

She has attended Fredonia Central School since first grade, and the supportive environment of the school district has allowed her to thrive and excel. She has received several honors and awards such as honor roll, principal’s awards, student of the month, pride certificates, acceptance into the National Honor society, and others. For her senior year she is taking a few classes at the high school, but also is part of the 3-1-3 program through SUNY Fredonia. Currently, is taking two classes at the college, Novels and Tales and Microeconomics.

Since Emily was eight years old, she has been dancing at Chadwick Bay Academy of Dance. This year she is taking five classes and is at the studio for five hours a week. Along with the group dances she is in, she also choreographs her own solo to perform in the June recital.

Throughout Emily’s school career she has been very involved in various musical activities. In the fourth grade she began playing the violin and since then has been extremely dedicated to it. She is currently the concertmaster of the high school’s orchestra and also the first violin in the school’s string quartet. Through the quartet she has been able to play at several locations and events such as the WCA Home, Santa’s workshop, and before concerts and assemblies. During her sophomore year she was accepted into the Advanced Music Performance Program and since then has completed the requirements which include solo recitals, solo festivals, maintaining a certain CPA in orchestra, and attending concerts and writing papers. For all four years of her high school career, Emily has participated in the musical by playing in the pit orchestra. With the beginning of our school’s chapter of the Tri-M Honor Society, she was inducted and since then has been completing the requirements which includes 20 hours of music-related community service each year. One of the things she does for community service is participation in a program called string buddies. She has taken on younger, beginning string students and has become their private teacher for one lesson a week. Music has become a large part of her life and she plans to continue to pursue it as she continues on in life.

Through NHS, Tri-M Music Honor Society and also the Interact Club, Emily has completed many community service activities. She has volunteered in events such as the yearly rake out, the MS walk, mini maker faire, cold turkey 5K, RTI babysitting night, village Halloween parade, and several other events. Outside of school, she is also a volunteer at the Lakeshore Humane Society.

Emily is planning on attending Ithaca College and majoring in Environmental Studies. She does not have any specific career plans yet, but she is hoping to allow her college experiences to shape her decision. Her main goal is to enter a career that allows her to positively impact the environment.

She would like to thank the Rotary Committee for selecting her as the Rotary Student of the Month of March.