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…Dylan Meyer of Fredonia, bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, received academic honors from Milwaukee School of Engineering for the 2018 Spring Quarter. He was named to the Dean’s List. Undergraduate students who have earned at least 30 credits and have a cumulative GPA of 3.20 or higher (out of 4.0) are on the Dean’s List…

…Eileen Goodling, vice president of student development, and Marilyn Zagora, vice president of academic affairs at Jamestown Community College have announced the names of those students who were awarded degrees or certificates from the Jamestown and Cattaraugus County campuses in May 2018.

A total of 475 students earned degrees and certificates. Highest honors represents a 4.0 grade point average, high honors a 3.50 to 3.99 GPA, and honors a 3.25 to 3.49 GPA.

Brocton: Jennifer Davis (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Christian Fuentes (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Ryan Johnson (A.S.: Environmental Science – High Honors), Nicole Panek (A.S.: Human Services), Erin Stewart (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant), Samantha Travis (A.A.S.: Business – Business Administration).

Cassadaga: Dustin Gragg (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Sammie Huang (A.S.: Computer Science – High Honors), Brittany Lancaster (A.S.: Criminal Justice – High Honors), Joel Pattison (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Greg Snyder (A.S.: Physical Education Studies).

Dunkirk: Christina Aviles (A.S.: Fine Arts: Music – Honors), Quinn Bankoski (A.S.: Sport Management – High Honors), Richard Ciraulo (A.A.S.: Human Services – High Honors and Certificate: Addictions Counseling – High Honors), Kobe DeJesus (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Katelyn Falkner (A.S.: Individual Studies), Emily Gawronski (A.S.: Business – Business Administration – High Honors), Edwin Gomez (Certificate: Law Enforcement Technology – High Honors), David Grant (A.S.: Individual Studies), Robert Hamon (A.A.S.: Nursing), Tyler Haynes (A.A.S.: Welding Technology), Yvette Hernandez (A.S.: Individual Studies), Kendall Kalfas (A.A.S.: Nursing – Honors), Felicia Logan (A.A.S.: Early Childhood – Honors and Certificate: Early Childhood Development – Honors), Chad Majecki (Certificate: Industrial Equipment Technology), Antoine McCall (Certificate: Law Enforcement Technology – High Honors), Michael Miller (A.A.S.: Information Technology), Yalitza Nieves (A.A.S.: Human Services – Honors), Sonia Ortiz (A.S.: Human Services – High Honors), Juanita Pagan (A.A.S.: Nursing), Liam Pawlak (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Wallacia Perry (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science – Honors), Trent SanGeorge (A.A.S.: Information Technology), Terese Shaffer (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology – Honors), Nicholas Skubis (A.A.S.: Business – Business Administration – High Honors), Jeremy Soto (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Kristen Stuck (A.S.: Human Services), Devin Szopinski (A.S.: Individual Studies), Brooke Tilley (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Toni West (A.A.S.: Individual Studies – Honors), Tiffany Wise (A.S.: Individual Studies – High Honors).

Forestville: Emily Burgos (A.A.S.: Individual Studies – Honors), Brenda Kerstetter (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education – Honors), Carol Macbrien (A.A.S.: Nursing), Yeidy Santiago-Bermudez (A.A.S.: Individual Studies – Honors), Jessica Small (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant – Honors), Devin Springer (A.A.S.: Individual Studies).

Franklinville: Josiah Farrand (A.S.: Individual Studies), Andrea Sasala (A.A.S.: Nursing – Honors), Jessica Schneggenburger (A.S.: Business – Business Administration).

Fredonia: Renae Banach (Certificate: Addictions Counseling – Honors), Nicole Benkelman (A.A.S.: Nursing), Edward Camacho Castro (A.S.: Criminal Justice – High Honors), Sydney Dominguez (A.A.S.: Nursing), Rebekah Eimers (A.S.: Business – Business Administration – High Honors), Cody Elliott (A.S.: Individual Studies), Dakota Gardner (A.S.: Individual Studies), Jaime Garigal (A.A.S.: Nursing – High Honors), Marina Kessler (A.S.: Biotechnology – Highest Honors), Natalie Lokietek (A.A.S.: Individual Studies – High Honors), David McAvoy (A.A.S.: Mechanical Technology – High Honors, Certificate: Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control – High Honors and Certificate: Machine Tool Technology – High Honors), Olivia Pucciarelli (A.S.: Individual Studies – High Honors), Justin Schulenberg (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Hannah Vazquez (A.S.: Individual Studies).

Mayville: Elizabeth Carlson (A.S.: Individual Studies – High Honors), Carter Davidson (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Clara Hindman (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities), Bridgett Marsh (A.S.: Human Services – High Honors), Kyle Mayer (A.S.: Individual Studies), Daniel Siskar (A.A.S.: Nursing – Honors).

Ripley: Rachel Henry (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science – Honors), Melanie McCutcheon (A.A.S.: Individual Studies – Honors).

Sinclairville: Harley Anderson (A.A.S.: Individual Studies – High Honors), Taylor Anderson (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Jerome Beck (A.A.S.: Mechanical Technology – High Honors and Certificate: Industrial Equipment Technology – High Honors), Alyssa Caskey (A.S.: Individual Studies – High Honors), Andrew Emmott (A.A.S.: Nursing – High Honors), Katelynn Gierlinger (A.S.: Environmental Science – High Honors), Jordyn Guziec (A.A.S.: Nursing – High Honors), Brooke Tobias (A.A.S.: Nursing).

Westfield: Ashton Albanesius (A.A.S.: Nursing – Honors), Donald Amborski (A.S.: Individual Studies – Honors), Julia Napper (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant – Highest Honors)…