Local Club takes top places in District 65, Area 14 Speech Contest

Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contest held at Prendergast Library, Jamestown District 65, Area 14 Speech Contest, (Left) Celeste Brooks (2nd Place Evaluation), Mark Hess (1st Place Evaluation) Lilya Novotskaya (2nd Place Humorous Speech), Ned Lindstrom (1st Place Humorous Speech), Leo Keyembe (Area 14 Director), Pam Gorman (District Program Director), Dennis Gauda (District 64 Division Director).

Concord Spellbinders Toastmasters Club members Ned Lindstrom and Mark Hess in the District 65, Area 14 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest. Lindstrom and Hess have the opportunity to compete at the Division A Contest scheduled for Saturday, November 10, Moog Space & Defense Group, East Aurora.

Ned Lindstrom of Jamestown placed first in District 65 Area 14 Humorous Speech Contest. Lindstrom, a member of both Concord Spellbinders Toastmasters Club, Fredonia, and Chautauqua Talks Toastmasters Club, of Jamestown and stated “The best part of competition is the fun we have with creating out own speeches.” As members create speeches they are encouraged to improve.

Lindstrom stated, “Evaluation is a big part of a speech, Toastmasters has shown the importance of helping each other improve in both our communication and listening skills.” Lindstrom also commented on how the skills learned in Toastmasters has become a part of his life working with the public.

Mark Hess, a member of Concord Spellbinders Toastmasters Club in Fredonia and Speakeasy of Orchard Park placed first in the District 65, Area 14 Evaluation contest. Evaluation is a big part of a speech, it helps the speaker becomes aware of both their strengths and areas with potential for improvement

This year’s Toastmaster Area 14 Contest was hosted for the first time by Jamestown Chautauqua Talks Toastmasters Club. The club meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at James Prendergast Library 7 p.m.

Concord Spellbinders Toastmasters Club meets the second and fourth Wednesday, 7 p.m. each month at SUNY Fredonia, Jewett Hall room 118.

Many have learned the best speeches are the ones that have a take-away lesson. Take this opportunity and stop by one of the local clubs and make that first step to better communication for yourself in a positive and safe club environment.