League of Women Voters luncheon on Wednesday

“What’s in your trash” is the topic of the next League of Women Voters luncheon meeting. The meeting will be held on Wednesday at noon at Barlow’s Mill, 369 W. Main St., Fredonia. Barlow’s Mill is the building with the solar panels on the roof on the right if you are coming from Fredonia. A parking lot is available.

To attend, e-mail priscilla@mainalley.com. The cost of the luncheon is $15. Reservations are needed by Monday. Ted Osborne will be the speaker. He has an extensive background in waste management.

EPA statistics from 2011 show that 65.95 percent of trash is divertible. Of that, 32.47 percent is paper, plastic, metal and glass which potentially can be reused or recycled. Some 33.43 percent is organic waste. There will be a discussion about grocery shopping. For example, stop and consider while you’re shopping whether that tomato actually will be used this week or would it be better to prepare your meals with ingredients currently on hand? Styrofoam use will also be discussed. There will be a future evening meeting on composting on April 5 with Steve Rees, a Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener.

Those interested in finding ways to get involved in the community and in helping to defend democracy are encouraged to join the Chautauqua League of Women Voters. For nearly 100 years, the LWV has been fighting for voting rights and that work continues today.