Shakespeare Club celebrates bard’s birthday

Submitted Photos Above: Fredonia Shakespeare Club members celebrated his birthday recently at Manning’s Fireside Restaurant. Pictured from left are: Mary Jane Covley Walker, MC; Nicki Schoenl, Maiden Elizabeth; Mary Croxton, Will Shakespeare, and Judi Lutz Wood, Jester. Below: Incoming and outgoing officers of the Fredonia Shakespeare Club are pictured. Seated in the front row are incoming officers: Secretary Barbara Albert, President Joan Larson, Vice President Linda Dunn. In back are outgoing officers: Judi Lutz Woods, president; Mary Croxton, treasurer; Nicki Schoenl, vice president; and Mary Jane Covley Walker, secretary. Incoming Treasurer Harriet “Skeeter” Tower is not pictured.

The Fredonia Shakespeare Club met recently at Manning’s Fireside Restaurant to mark the 453rd anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth.

The annual commemorative luncheon is a tradition that has been regularly observed throughout the club’s 131 — year history.

The event follows the conclusion of the membership’s weekly presentations of papers devoted to a general topic. This year’s topic was “Women Artists, Authors, Designers and Entrepreneurs.”

Starting with beverages and appetizers, the luncheon festivities were open with President Judi Lutz Wood’s welcome and thanks to the members for a wonderful year. Vice President Nicki Schoenl made the traditional ceremonial toast to William Shakespeare.

After the main course and in accordance with established tradition, Woods and President-elect Joan Larson cut the birthday cake.

The special afternoon concluded with a game, Jeopardy, designed by Treasurer Mary Croxton. Officers dressed as Jester, Will Shakespeare, Maiden Elizabeth and MC played Jeopardy with questions based on this year’s papers. Prizes were awarded to the winning team.

The final meeting of the 2016-2017 Shakespeare Club year will be the annual picnic on June 22.

At that time, the group will schedule the 2017-2018 weekly papers devoted to the chosen general topic: “Worlds of Africa.”

In addition to president, the club has announced the rest of its officers for 2017-2018, including: Linda Dunn, vice president; Barbara Albert, secretary and Harriet “Skeeter” Tower, treasurer.

Outgoing officers were: Lutz Woods, Schoenl, Covley Walker, secretary; and Mary Croxton, treasurer.