Brocton Portland Food Pantry completes fundraiser

Submitted Photo Pictured at right is Howard Malarkey with the new Brocton Portland Food Pantry freezer.

BROCTON — The Brocton Portland Food Pantry announced its successful completion of its fundraiser, “Operation Save Food, freezer fund” said project leader Carol Hardenberg.

The goal was to get a replacement chest freezer of at least 21 cubic feet. Resources were received from the Buffalo Food Bank to cover electric costs, and the pantry was awarded a grant from the Community Foundation, Carl Yngve and Lucille Adamson Fund, which covered the cost of the Whirlpool 21.7 cubic feet freezer. The freezer is being delivered by Home Depot.

Other donations have made it possible to remove the old freezer and get the new unit hooked up and running.

This freezer will allow the food pantry to acquire additional large frozen food items. Also, the Pantry is now better equipped to take in frozen items from the local stores in the event of power disruptions.

The board of the Brocton Portland Food Bank greatly appreciates the efforts of everyone involved in this project. It wants to thank the Food Bank and especially the Community Foundation for stepping in to enable this project to be a huge success.