SAR members present veterans program at Heritage Village

Submitted Photo Participants in the veterans program at Heritage Village are pictured. First row, left to right: Wayne Moller, US Army, 1961 to 1963, Ft. Hood, Texas; Bill Graves, US Navy, 1945 to 1947, South Pacific; Hank Storms, US Army, 1951 to 1952, Germany. Back row, left to right: SAR members Doug Arters, Jim White, Frank Stow and Jeff Crossley.

GERRY — For Veterans Day, members of the Chautauqua County Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution presented a program for the residents of the upper campus, Heritage Village, honoring veterans.

SAR members participating were Doug Arters, Jeff Crossley, Frank Stow, Jim White and spouse Alba Arters.

Stow led the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag.

Crossley gave a prayer for veterans.

Doug Arters briefly spoke about Captain Levi Preston (1756-1850), Massachusetts native and veteran of the Revolutionary War, who was asked, when he was age 86, why Americans had fought for liberty. Was it because of famous philosophers such as Algernon Sidney, John Locke and Baron Montesquieu?

“Never hear of ’em,” Preston said, “we read only the Bible, the Catechism, Watt’s Hymns and the Almanack.”

Alba Arters narrated a statement made by Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams, second President of the United States and signer of the Declaration of Independence, emphasizing the connection between a patriot and religion.

Stow presented the names of organizations which assist veterans in various ways – Dave Roever Association (Texas), Samaritan’s Purse (North Carolina), Liberty’s Way based at Lander, Pennsylvania, and Leek Preserve, which provides hunting and recreational activities for disabled veterans, found at

White presented a statement by Thomas Paine, and noted the suffering of Revolutionary War soldiers from numerous diseases, many of who died as POWs held by the British at New York City, and in the Carolinas.

Heritage Village Campus veterans included Wallace Anderson, Donald Brugge, William Graves, Lynn Johnson, Griffith Jones Jr., Alan Richards, Hank Storm and Lynn Watrous. Also six veterans serve as Heritage Village staff at the site.

The next SAR luncheon meeting is set for Dec. 9, noon, at the Stockton Grill on Route 380 in Stockton.

Guests are welcome to attend, and lunch will be ordered from the menu.

Member Doug Arters is scheduled to present about Colonel Edward Hand, born in Ireland, medical doctor and Continental Army officer, commander of American riflemen and other officers and soldiers.