Human trafficking in county LWV luncheon topic

Kelly Zeigler

The League of Women Voters of Chautauqua County will hold a Hot Topics luncheon on March 21 at noon at the Stockton Hotel, 2 Stockton-Kimball Stand Road, Stockton.

The topic will be “Human Trafficking in Chautauqua County.” Scheduled speakers are Kelly Ziegler, family advocate with The Child Advocacy Program of Chautauqua County, and Karen Yeversky, facilitator of Stewards of Children.

Human Trafficking involves coercion and abduction of persons who may be sold into slavery for the purposes of sexual exploitation, forced labor, servitude, or the removal of organs. Sex trafficking in the United States is commonly misunderstood as consisting of bringing people here from other countries to work in the sex trade against their will. However, domestic human trafficking is an epidemic that targets our country’s young citizens as well as adults. While young victims of human trafficking are sometimes recruited for slave labor, most are forced to work as prostitutes. Human trafficking occurs in every state of this nation and in any neighborhood across socio-economic lines.

Speakers include: Kelly Ziegler, who is a family advocate with The Child Advocacy Program of Chautauqua County. She has worked with youth and families in Chautauqua County for over 10 years. “My greatest passion is serving our community. I help my clients, who include children and families, to find healing, hope and justice,” Ziegler said.

Karen Yeversky is a facilitator of Stewards of Children, a family advocate and a training coordinator with The Child Advocacy Program of Chautauqua County. She has been working for The Child Advocacy Program since 2009 and has an extensive background working with youth and survivors of abuse. Yeversky was Director of Mission Meadows and also a domestic violence advocate for the Salvation Army Anew Center.

Karen Yeversky

This event is a great opportunity for members of the Chautauqua County community to learn about ways they can support prevention of human trafficking and justice for survivors.

The cost of the luncheon is $15. Send reservation to Mary Croxton: mcroxton51@gmail or call 679-1774.

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