Mt. Sinai-Mecca Chapter No. 132 Order of the Eastern Star honors Senior Members

Senior Members were honored at the recent meeting of the chapter. Geraldine Yauchzy and Donald Stewart presided. It was also the 121st birthday of the chapter.

Lynne M. Schmitt, Grand Matron of the State of New York, was present for the evening and was escorted to the East and honored. Other Grand Officers of the State who were present were also introduced. They were: Robert Lewis, Grand Chaplain, Linda Lewis, Associate Grand Warder, Mary Myers, Grand Electa, Geraldine Yauchzy, Grand Adah, John Olszewski, District Grand Lecturer and Ruth Ostrom, Grand Representative to Idaho. Karen Thompson, Royal Grand Matron of the Order of Amaranth was present and introduced.

Escorted to the East were Linda Conti and Sandra Stewart. The Grand Matron Lynne M. Schmitt honored each of these members by presenting them with 50-year pins and noting the office’s served thru the years and their continued work for the Order. Next the Grand Matron honored Geraldine Yauchzy for her total of 68 years of membership in the Order. This is a great accomplishment and she still continues to serve.

All Senior Members then assembled in the West and told of their membership years in the Order. They were: Barbara Erickson, Cindy Rich, Allene Andersen, Mary Myers, Ruth Ostrom, Karen Thompson, Sandy Bowman, Fran Kirschler, Marcus Edwards, Leland Sperry, and Jon Ostrom. It was calculated by the Matron and District Grand Lecturer that they had a total of 622 years of membership and service.

The members were reminded of upcoming events: Workers for the Child ID on July 16th are needed at the Chautauqua County Fair, also the Chapter Picnic on Monday, July 9th; County Past Matrons dinner/meeting on July 12 at Alfie’s, Festival of Stars in Oriskany, NY July 27-29, and Mt. Sinai-Mecca Past Matron’s picnic on Monday August 6th. Fall dates to remember are: September 22nd, our Annual Public Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser, Fall Festival at Forestville High School October 5-6, Grand Chapter in Binghamton, NY October 11 – 14, and our Patsy Cline fundraiser on October 27.

The next meeting will be September 17th.

Refreshments were served following the meeting by Francelia Kirschler including a cake in honor of the Chapter’s 121st Birthday.