Photography exhibition now on view at RTPI

JAMESTOWN – RTPI is pleased to present its newest exhibition titled Biology Without Borders: Photography by RTPI President Twan Leenders. This awe-inspiring collection of works now on view will immerse visitors in the Central American locales where RTPI staff, affiliates and student researchers conduct research, and the exotic and in some cases critically endangered creatures upon which this work is centered.

As part of the Roger Tory Peterson Institute’s goal to increase awareness and understanding of the natural connections between species, habitats and people, Twan Leenders engages in international research and educational initiatives.

Like Roger Tory Peterson, Leenders travels the world to explore, discover and documents its flora and fauna; he applies his photographic talents to visually capture plants and animals in far-away regions to make their existence known to a broad audience, while his biological observations and knowledge support conservation efforts to help elicit positive environmental change.

RTPI supports programs that study critical wintering habitats for migratory birds, investigate diseases that impact amphibian populations worldwide in the areas where we can learn the most, and provide opportunities for high school and college students to get involved in these, and other hands-on conservation research projects.

Leenders recently returned from a trip to Panama with student researchers; this time to continue studies on some of the last surviving Limosa Harlequin Toads, while also advancing research on several newly discovered species of amphibians and reptiles. We are excited to share some of his stunning images and fascinating stories here to highlight this work.

Organizers will host a free, opening event on Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m., and at 7 p.m. Leenders will lead a gallery talk during which guests will learn about his work in the tropics and have the opportunity to meet some live rainforest denizens poison-dart frogs from his private collection.

In the main galleries, you will also be able to enjoy original artwork by Roger Tory Peterson and the exhibit Rainforest Adventures, consisting of works by artist Jan Lutz.

Call Amy Hudson at 665-2473 for details, and visit for information on other exhibitions and programs at RTPI, 311 Curtis St. in Jamestown.