WM’s The Exhibition

Artwork in Mason Hall practice rooms

The new addition of artwork in the second floor practice rooms of Fredonia School of Music’s Mason Hall is a unique exhibition designed by Jodie S. White and Donald Malone III. WM’s The Exhibition is constructed to connect both the visual and musical arts at Fredonia by providing Visual Art and New Media students the opportunity to display their artwork. In addition, The Exhibition will act as a catalyst to a series of four scholarships currently totaling at $1,500 per year.

Musicians often gain their inspiration for expression in music and the process of writing music itself from many sources. We have personal stories, little images/movements, along with focus and concentration to aid in our musical development and expression. Art also plays a factor in inspiration/mood for how one plays on a given day. The art displayed in the practice rooms will give some musicians inspiration for their expression and may even formulate to a composed song.

Opportunities for showcasing one’s artwork are often scarce, hard to get, and hard to find. This installation provides continuous opportunities for artists to display their work to a larger audience. The art installed will have promised views and will create inspiration for the musicians playing music daily in front of and/or for the artwork.