Ross Bennett to perform during Lucille Ball Comedy Festival

JAMESTOWN — Ross Bennett will be headlining one of the Nameless! Comedy shows during the 2017 Lucille Ball Comedy Festival.

Bennett is one of those comedians famous among comedians. His television appearances include THE LATE SHOW with David Letterman, Red Eye with Tom Shillue, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, Comedy Central’s Stand-Up Stand-Up, Comedy Tonight, Showtime’s Big Laff-Off, Evening at the Improv, Dick Clark’s Keep on Cruisin’, Thick of the Night starring Alan Thicke, and David Brenner’s Nite Life & Comic Strip Live.

Bennett has received much critical acclaim. The San Francisco Examiner proclaimed, “His rubbery face, skilled use of voices and careful writing make Ross one of the most watchable and memorable performers on the Comedy Club Circuit.” The Oakland Tribune said this about his work: “One word describes his face: Marvelous!!! As I see it, Ross has it all. There’s timing, pacing, feeling, communication and polish. All the ingredients that, at one time or another, lead to stardom.”

Bennett’s Stand-Up Comedy Show during this year’s festival is titled New York Country. This family friendly show is a celebration of growing up and living in Western New York state, that part of New York that is not New York City. Everything from snow days in the winter to water skiing on the lakes in the summer … living in the woods to shopping at Walmart … it’s a love letter to the Southern Tier!

This event will be hosted by David Prejeant from Sustainable Differences.

The performance will take place Saturday at 7 p.m. in The Forum (201 N. Main St.). Tickets for this show are selling fast, so it is advised to purchase tickets ahead of time. Tickets are available at or

Hailing from Jamestown, “nameless!” comedy is an artist collective that produces comedy shows, live events, and more. Annually performing at the region’s largest comic-cons, festivals, and across the nation, the group’s versatility, talent, and unique blend of theatre with nerd culture makes Nameless! one of the most fun production companies in the area.

As a friend of the fest, Nameless! Comedy is independently producing shows for the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival.