Community music program set to begin

Submitted Photo The Bennett Brass, a Fredonia-based brass trio, are leading The Community Music Program which is set to begin Tuesday at 5 p.m. at the West Courtney Street Community Center, 47 W. Courtney St. in Dunkirk.

The CREATE Project, is pleased to announce its newest initiative, The Community Music Program.

Join musicians Landon Gray and Logan Bennett for sessions of merry music-making. Grab your fiddle, flute, recorder, rusty tin can, or just bring your smile. All ages and experience levels are welcome and there is no requirement to enter. The aim is to have fun, make music, share traditions, and build community.

Landon Gray and Logan Bennett, together with Devin Bennett, make up the Fredonia-based brass trio, Bennett Brass. All members of Bennett Brass strive to push their limits to play in many styles, sounds, and even instruments. They are all firm believers that it is not so important what music or instrument you play, as long as you play it with an appreciation for tradition and with feeling.

These classes are part of an effort to share this belief with the community, and to encourage others to pick up an instrument, take up singing, play music at home with family, and finally get rid of the idea that anyone is “not musical.”

The Community Music Program is family-friendly, affordable, and presented in a comfortable handicapped-accessible, intimate setting. No musical experience is necessary and there are no requirements to attend. Everyone is welcome.

This neighborhood-based program offers individuals and whole families the opportunity to listen to wonderful music and learn how to create music together.

After their performance, Bennett Brass will pass out instruments. Games and fun activities including improvisation, hand clapping, rhythm, and song will be part of the program. A special focus will be showing how arts and music can be used by families to work “in harmony” together for a joyful and cooperative family experience.

The Community Music Program is held at the West Courtney Street Community Center, 47 West Courtney St. in Dunkirk, from 5 to 7 p.m. on the following Tuesdays: Nov. 14 and 28; Dec. 5 and 12; Jan. 9 and 23; and Feb. 6 and 20.

Cost is $5 for adults. Children are free and must be accompanied by an adult. Pay at the door. Pre-registration preferred but not required. To pre-register call: 707-483-0193.

The CREATE Project is an arts-based community intervention designed to help the local community embrace the goal to become free of child-abuse and neglect, and to become a place where children can achieve their highest potential.

The CREATE Project is pleased to have the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation act as its fiscal sponsor, and for the Boys & Girls Club of Northern Chautauqua County to act as the Lead Community Partner. Though we work cooperatively together, we are an independent group and act accordingly. Valerie Walawender, M.A. is the lead artist for the CREATE Project. CREATE stands for Child-Responsive Empowering Art Through Everyone.

For more information call Valerie Walawender at 680-0266 or the Boys & Girls Club of Northern Chautauqua County at 366-1061.

Bennett Brass is a trio of classical musicians, each with a burning desire to explore the potential for real live music-making out of three tooting horns. Loosening their stiff bowties, these performers play anything from vocal music of the Renaissance, to fusion and funk, to their own arrangements of old tunes. Whatever the style, the music is always simmering with intensity and full of character. The Bennetts refuse to be limited by the typical roles of their instruments and constantly seek to push the boundaries of nuance and expression.

However, when two trumpets and a trombone just won’t do the trick, one of them may pick up any number of other instruments for a song or two. The ensemble is made up of brothers Logan and Devin Bennett, and Landon Gray (who comes from Bennett Valley, California).