Artist Marvin Bjurlin participating in Pottery Tours

Submitted Photo Work by Marvin Bjurlin will be displayed during the inaugural Pottery Studio Tour Oct. 20-21.

Studio to studio pottery tours have been initiated in numerous parts of the United States. Since there is an ongoing desire on the part of the general public to own and give objects that have been made by hand by creative individuals in their own region, such pottery tours have become quite successful.

Chautauqua Area Potters, a community of local folks that work with clay, are offering the public an inaugural Pottery Studio Tour on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The public will get to meet the artists and several guest potters in seven different locations.

One of those artists participating is Marvin Bjurlin.

Bjurlin is personally delighted to host four potters that are part of this pottery family, but don’t live near enough to have their own studios open for the Tour. Linda Currier and Joe Mooseman are from Erie, PA. Sally Danforth is from East Aurora, and Randal Crawford is from Colden. Each of these will be displaying pieces that are very different from his work in wood-fired tableware. As a decorative element each of Marv’s pieces feature impressions made from leaves found in his vegetable garden behind his studio at 25 Maple Ave. in Fredonia.