Year-long Reformation celebration continues

The 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation is on Oct. 30, 2017.

The first face of the reformation is Knight George: Luther was called to a diet (meeting) at Worms in April 1521. At that meeting he was asked to recant all of his writings. When he refused, Emperor Charles V condemned Luther as a heretic and thus an outlaw with a price on his head. Luther’s prince, Frederick the Wise, arranged for Luther to be “kidnapped” while on his way back to Wittenberg and spirited off to the Wartburg, a castle belonging to Fredrick. It was here that Luther grew his hair and beard and was disguised as a knight under the pseudonym Knight George. While in exile, Luther published a dozen books and translated the entire New Testament into German (an act that helped codify the German language). How long was he in exile? Two years? Five? No, only 10 months (May 1521-March 1522).

For more information on the Reformation, attend Sunday worship at: St. Paul Lutheran Church in Fredonia; Trinity Lutheran Church in Silver Creek or Immanuel Lutheran Church in Gowanda.