Faces of the Reformation

Since the past is best explored through the people who lived it, you will be introduced bimonthly to faces of the Reformation. Men and women passionate about the Reformation re-discovery of the Gospel — either for or against it. These iconic individuals used their unique vocations to create theological and cultural tidal waves beginning in the sixteenth century and continuing today. See how the gracious Word of the Lord had the final word in bringing the “it’s still all about Jesus” proclamation to the corners of Europe and beyond. The second iconic individual in the Lutheran Reformation is Philipp Melanchthon.

This novice Greek professor at the University of Wittenberg quickly grew into a gentle giant of the reform movement after he met Luther. Melanchthon’s vital contribution was to systematize Luther’s ideas, defend them in public and make them the basis of religious education. He is widely known for his Loci Communes, a book of Lutheran theology organized by subject matter. He was also the author of the Augsburg Confession, the primary explanation of the Lutheran faith and one of the most important documents of the Reformation. As time went by, he modified his earlier works, including the Augsburg Confession. This drew the ire of those that disagreed with Melanchthon’s alterations. To this day, congregations in The Lutheran Church– Missouri Synod subscribe to the Unaltered Augsburg Confession or UAC. These letters may be found on the cornerstone of your church.

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