Fredonia church welcomes four new members

Submitted Photo

On Sunday, March 12, the First United Methodist Church of Fredonia welcomed four new members. Each was presented with a wooden cross necklace handmade by a church member. The crosses were fabricated from wood removed from the altar area when it was redesigned. In addition to the meaning of the cross, the wood represents the heart of the church as it was witness to almost 100 years of hymns of praise, sermons, prayers, baptisms and weddings. Following the worship service cake was served in the Narthex. Pictured from left in front are: Gwen Papania, Rianna Moore, Susan Sinclair and David Sinclair. Back: Sponsor Jon Espersen, Pastor Annette “Nettie” Puleff, Sponsor Brenda Hennessey and Sponsor Sharon Perdue.