Johann von Staupitz was 12th iconic individual in Lutheran Reformation

Johann von Staupitz did not know what he was unleashing when he had Martin Luther come to Wittenberg to teach the Bible.

Staupitz, the vicar general of the Augustinian monks in Germany, was about 15 years older than Luther. Frederick the Wise had appointed Staupitz to be dean of theology of the newly formed university at Wittenberg. As Luther’s mentor and confessor, Staupitz was aware of the young monk’s struggles with being “holy enough” for God to love him.

When St. Paul wrote about the righteousness of God, Luther had always understood that as something unattainable. As he prepared his lectures in the tower room of the monastery at Wittenberg, he realized that Christ took our unrighteousness and exchanged it for His righteousness, which we receive through faith. A giant step on the road to the Reformation had been taken. Although Staupitz supported Luther’s efforts of reform, he never left the Catholic Church.

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