A ‘contiguous’ picnic held by Harvest Chapel

OBSERVER Photo by Diane Chodan Eva Williams, 8, flashes a smile as she works on her sun catcher at Harvest Chapel’s family picnic. Craft activities included painting rocks, painting sun catchers and filling small bottles with different colored sands.

Point Gratiot was a busy place on Sunday. The back parking lot was full; people were enjoying food at picnic tables inside and outside the pavilions; and a band was playing. In addition to children making use of the regular playground equipment, there were two bounce houses, a jousting bounce activity, a water slide and a table devoted to crafts.

All this activity appeared seamless, but when this reporter began taking pictures and interviewing parents at the well-organized craft table, she learned that there were two picnics going on that day, Dunkirk’s well-publicized Picnic at the Point and Harvest Chapel’s family picnic.

Kim Waag, the Children’s Ministry Assistant, explained with a smile that Harvest Chapel has had its picnic the same day as Dunkirk’s for a couple of years. After thinking for a moment, she said with a laugh that these are “contiguous picnics.”

Waag then pointed out the activities that were attached to Harvest Chapel’s picnic — the craft table, a bounce house, the jousting bounce (for the teens) and the pavilion where church families were enjoying a cool but sunny day.

The craft table offered children an opportunity to do three activities they were clearly enjoying — painting rocks, creating sand bottles with empty bottles and colored sand, or creating sun catchers.

Shelly Wilson helped Colden Lebeau, 3, create a special sand bottle. Meanwhile, Eva Williams, 8, sported a bright smile to match the brightness of her neon green hoodie as she worked carefully on her sun catcher. Her mom, Alison Williams, asked her daughter to take the hood down. She said she and her daughter were enjoying the day. This was the second Harvest Chapel picnic for them. Alison explained that although not originally from Dunkirk, she has lived here for 15 years and really likes the area.

Once again, this reporter was reminded how important it is to talk to people. She could have so easily assumed it was one picnic.