Temple Beth El welcomes Hillel

Left to right front: Sarah Friedman, Stephanie Handschu, Sara Auchenbaugh, Amber Foppes, Back: Jacob Santos, Sarah Paisner, Bob Phillips, Melissa Neuberger, Sydney Levinson and Lauren Tropper.

Members of Temple Beth El, in Dunkirk invited students from SUNY Fredonia’s Hillel organization to join them in welcoming Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, 5778.

Temple President Linda Dunn led the congregation and students in a religious service on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. President Dunn started off by saying “the world is so divisive today, it is so nice to see so many gather together.” She then proceeded to lead the group in the song, “Hine Ma Tov” which contain lyrics that translate to “how good it is for all of us to dwell in peace together.” She was joined by Temple member, Daniel Kaufman who assisted in the service.

After the service, dinner was shared with a bounty of food. The group was able to share many symbolic foods of Rosh Hashanah. The bread shared with all was a round Challah bread, so shaped to symbolize the cycle of the year. Apples dipped in honey along with honey cake served as a reminder to our hopes for a sweet year, filled with blessings.

Hillel’s President, Stephanie Handschu, was delighted with the turnout and the level of enthusiasm the students showed. She said she felt very welcomed by Temple Beth El. Trustees, Judith Przybyla and Lydia Romer spoke with Stephanie about future visits by Hillel to Temple Beth El and they have begun to start planning future events together.