Pet Connections: A time to remember, heal, love and live

LILY DALE — Pet Connections: A Time to Remember, Heal, Love and Live, will be held Sunday at the Assembly Hall in Lily Dale from 1 to 3 p.m. Rev. Joanne Copley-Nigro will facilitate a workshop for those who have loved a pet, lost a pet or know someone who has suffered a loss of a departed pet.

While grief lessens with time, each person’s timetable is different. As Spiritualists, we accept that love is forever and our pets are still with us in Spirit.

This workshop will be a time for like-minded people to connect with one another and with the pets they love.

Remember and share memories of your pet.

Give and receive messages from pets in Spirit.

Grieving and acceptance as it impacts children, adults and our surviving pets.

Acceptance, coping and regaining joy in life again.

Develop insight and knowledge to bring greater comfort to those who have lost a pet.

Learn about healing modalities (Bach Flower and gemstone energy) and how they may assist during a pet’s challenging times.

Receive a remembrance item of your love.

Sponsored by Church of the Living Spirit.

The opinions of the workshop facilitators or lecturers are not necessarily those of the Church of the Living Spirit or of the Lily Dale Assembly.