Social adult day care programs available

Did you know that Cattaraugus County Department of the Aging/NY Connects has multiple funding opportunities for Cattaraugus County residents to attend adult day care programs? Adult day care programs offer a dual solution; they help family caregivers who need a respite from caregiving responsibilities while also providing seniors health-promoting opportunities to socialize with other seniors.

Activities provided at adult day care centers include things like:

¯ Arts and crafts

¯ Musical entertainment, singing and dancing

¯ Games that provide mental stimulation

¯ Exercise appropriate to ability

¯ Local outings

¯ Discussion and reminiscing

¯ Intergenerational activities

¯ Meals and snacks

Adult day care is appropriate for seniors who are:

¯ Alone during the day while family members are at work or taking care of other responsibilities

¯ In need of companionship and social stimulation for a few hours a day or a few days a week

¯ Physically or cognitively challenged but do not require 24-hour supervision

¯ In the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease

All services are based on an individual care plan and assessment of your loved one. Social adult day services provide a break to caregivers, and can especially give peace of mind to working caregivers.

There are program centers located in Allegany, Olean, and Gowanda. A free screening is available by contacting Cattaraugus County Department of the Aging/NY Connects at 716-373-8032 or 1-800-462-2901.