4-Her’s ‘stepped into fashion’ at annual revue

Submitted Photo Outstanding Sewing Awards were given to youth who excelled in creating and modeling a clothing item at the Annual 4-H Fashion Revue held May 11. First Row, L-R: Samuel Comstock, Garrett Lesch, Charlotte Couchman, Mikael Anderson, Isabella Reuther, Josiah Sprague, and Alex Southworth. Second Row: Natalie Turecek, Amelia Sprague, Adam Lesch, Luisa Smith, Kayle Hodge, Natalie White, Rachel Comstock, Mackenzy Graziano, Deona Sanders, Jaidyn Newhouse, and Jared Dorman.

JAMESTOWN — The annual 4-H Fashion Revue was held at Hurlbut United Methodist Church in Chautauqua on May 11 with the Stow- A- Way Kids 4-H Club hosting the event. This year’s theme was “4-H-ers are Stepping into Fashion.” 4-H members were evaluated on sewing as well as their modeling ability.

First year sewers receiving special awards were Rebecca Lash, Everett LeBarron, Garrett Lesch, Jaidyn Newhouse, Anna Cook, Joshua Cook, Brayden Gleason, Mikail Lawrence, Austin Myers, Hailey Myers, and Elizabeth Weaver.

Outstanding sewing awards were given to Adam Lesch, Garrett Lesch, Luisa Smith, Kaylee Hodge, Natalie White, Rachel Comstock, Sam Comstock, Mackenzy Graziano, Deona Sanders, Jaidyn Newhouse, Charlotte Couchman, Jared Dorman, Isabella Reuther, Natalie Turecek, Alex Southworth, Amelia Sprague, Josiah Sprague, and Mikael Anderson.

The Martha Carlson Memorial Award sponsored by Ethan and Nancy Johnson is given to any male sewer who has participated in the sewing project for over 3 years and has shown continual improvement in their sewing skills. This year we had four young men receive this award: Adam Lesch, Sam Comstock, Jared Dorman, and Josiah Sprague.

The Western District Fashion Revue will be hosted by Wyoming County on July 13 at the Glen Iris Inn, former home of William Pryor Letchworth, in Castile. Youth will model their creations with other selected youth from Erie, Orleans, Niagara, Cattaraugus, Wyoming, and Allegany counties. The following have been chosen to attend that event: Rachel Comstock, Sam Comstock, Jared Dorman, MacKenzy Graziano, Kaylee Hodge, Adam Lesch, Jaidyn Newhouse, Deona Sanders, Luisa Smith, Amelia Sprague, Natalie Turecek, Natalie White, and Joyce Wiltsie.

Three 4-H’ers were chosen to participate at the New York State Fair Fashion Revue. Congratulations to Jared Dorman, Kaylee Hodge, and Adam Lesch.

Commentators for the evening were Jared Dorman and Isabella Reuther from the Stockton Panthers 4-H Club; Rachel Comstock from the Country Critters 4-H Club, Kaylee Hodge and Natalie White from the Clymer Eager Beavers 4-H Club, Mikael Anderson from the Wild Oats 4-H Club, Adam and Garrett Lesch from Canadaway, and Amelia Sprague from the “Stow”– A – Way Kids 4-H Club.

Photographer for the event was parent volunteer Rebecca Sprague from the “Stow”– A -Way Kids 4-H Club.

Arrangements were made by the County 4-H Clothing and Textile Committee. Debbie Caruso, Joyce Edwards, Suzanne Harper, Nancy Johnson, Laurie Short, Opal Sprague, and Linda TeCroney volunteer as committee members. Judges for the evening were Joyce Edwards, Nancy Johnson, and Linda TeCroney. Debbie Caruso was the Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening.

Our generous Fashion Revue Special Award Sponsors were Dawn Comstock from A New Dawn’s Daycare and the Harmony Haystackers 4-H Club, Heather Lesch from Canadaway 4-H Club, Debbie Caruso, Nancy Johnson from Country Critters 4-H Club, Peggy Dye, Joyce Edwards, Kim Waag from Fredonia Fireworks 4-H Club, Emily Haffenden and Beth Southworth from Haff Acres, Sue Harper, Ethan and Nancy Johnson; Janet Kapusinski; Irene Lesch, Marsha Smith, Opal Sprague, Mary Dorman from the Stockton Panthers 4-H Club, and Beth Southworth from the “Stow”-A-Way Kids 4-H Club.

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