10-foot tall sunflowers quite a sight

The Labyrinthe Peace Park will be open to visitors on Sept. 2.

I did not do it so I cannot take credit for it all. All I know is I look out the window of the Labyrinthine Ways Peace Park and see a 10-foot tall sunflower with 23 bloom heads and 10 more buds! I did not plant it.

My friends from across the street raided the bird feeder, filled their jowls with seeds, climbed the telephone pole, ran across the street on the wires, climbed down and planted mounds of sunflower seeds in my vegetable garden.

Incredibly, the mounds were evenly spaced about two feet apart and contained about ten plants each. That was last year.

This year the seeds that were not devoured, replanted themselves in the garden. The beauty of raising chickens is that the fertilizer is wonderful for vegetation, thus, the 10-foot tall sunflower.

Up to now, the Peace Park has been chiefly on the Franklin Avenue side of the Park, now the Headquarters at 3884 Williams St. is open for visitors. Sunday, Sept. 2, from 2 to 4 p.m., the gardens will be open to the public. Come and wander through the winding gardens and around the two new ponds. Witness the landscaping project in its infancy. Offer suggestions for improvements.

Besides the domesticated plants, many native plants are included in the garden. Plants like meadow mallow, yarrow, swamp thistle, sissle, dandelion, etc. are essential to the eco-balance of the garden attracting many beneficial insects and add important nutrients to the soil.

Like last week’s “Walk in the Woods,” I will be available to help explain why I garden the way I do.

The Ashram will also be open if anyone wants to visit.