CIAO holds annual meeting and picnic

CIAO held its annual meeting and picnic recently at Russell Joy Park. Members totaled 34 and CIAO welcomed two new members. New members and children are always welcomed and you don’t have to be Italian to join! The traditional sausage and hot dogs were cooked by Vince DeJohn and Sam Crino with a little help from Vince’s son, Vince, who was visiting. Members were asked to bring a dish to pass and the variety of food did not disappoint from homemade pizza to Josie Christopher’s famous ricotta cookies to eggplant parmigiana, brownies, chocolate Italian cookies, well the list goes on and on!

A short meeting was held to discuss the upcoming activities and if CIAO should join/merge with the Buffalo Italian Club. Basket raffle was won by new members, Mario and Maryann Cerio. It was discussed and decided that this would be revisited at the next general meeting, which will be held later this year.

Upcoming events include Sept. 8, fun night of pizza and games, held at St. Joseph’s Church in Fredonia. Mark your calendars, you wild and crazy pinochle players! Games start at 6 p.m. Reservations requested. Call Sam Crisanti at 934-2592, Nance Ortolano, 673-9177 or e mail

Columbus Day/Harvest Dinner celebration at St. Joseph Church, Monday, Oct. 8, at 6 p.m. Everyone is asked to bring a dish to pass and place setting. Maybe Columbus may sail into port, who knows! Reservations are requested.

Christmas Luncheon, Dec. 2, at the Fredonia Beaver Club. Members are asked to bring large bags of candy to fill Christmas stockings. These stockings are donated to Willow Mission to be added to their Christmas boxes. Christmas luncheon is self-pay at a nominal price, with good food provided by Fred’s!

If you are tired of staying home, want some fun, why not join CIAO! Just pick up the phone or e mail us and you will be on your way to meeting new or renewing old friendships! Call Sam Crisanti at 934-2592, Nance Ortolano 673-9177, Rosemary Piede 366-4236 or email