Taylor family enjoys 100th annual reunion in Dunkirk

Photo Submitted Pictured right are members of the Taylor family celebrating their 100th annual reunion. This year they held their reunion in Dunkirk at Point Gratiot off of Lake Erie.

The Taylor’s 100 year family reunion was held this year at Point Gratiot in Dunkirk, on the beautiful Lake Erie Shores.

27 attended from as far as Florida, to be here for the family 100 year celebration. Those attending brought a nice variety of food to share.

Brad and Debbie Taylor kept the grill going strong with hot dogs, sausage, and hamburgers. Games were played for all ages, and the children really like the water balloons toss.

An auction was held this year, and our auctioneer was Lorenzo Taylor. His first year as an auctioneer, and we had so much fun while laughter filled the air. We had some great gifts, and all enjoyed this years family reunion. Brad and Debbie Taylor were our host and hostess, they did a beautiful job. Billy Taylor of Silver Creek was the oldest Taylor 80 years and Aunt Peggy Taylor 83 years. Our youngest came all the way from Florida, Brielyn Taylor, age two, the granddaughter of Billy and Shirley Taylor.