Webber family holds 42nd annual reunion

Ninety family members and several guests attended the 42nd annual Webber Family Reunion, Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018. It was hosted by Daniel Webber of Perrysburg, NY. It was held at the Perrysburg Conservation Club in Perrysburg, NY.

Prizes were awarded to the youngest girl, Sally Mae Walker; daughter of Michael and Ann Walker of South Dayton, the youngest boy, Haiven Michael Martin Ryan; son of Candace Webber of Fredonia; longest married Edward and Dorothy Webber of Niagara Falls; Doug and Barb Smardz, who traveled the farthest from Florida; newly married Michael and Ann Walker; 50-50 won by David Emke. Raffles were won by many.

Four births and three deaths during the past year were recognized and recorded. Fred Webber of Forestville and Nancy Gage Smith of Mayville continued as president and secretary/treasurer. Next year’s reunion will be hosted by James and Doris Treusch of South Dayton and Andrew and Jennifer Paluch of Perrysburg, NY, and will be on Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019 at the Perrysburg Conservation Club.