UBC and Job Corps aid the United Way

UBC Carpentry Students from the Cassadaga Job Corps Academy are pictured here with their instructor Tim Parker.

The United Brotherhood of Carpenter’s training program at the Cassadaga Job Corps Academy recently came to the aid of the United Way of Northern Chautauqua County by repairing a ramp and deck at the United Way office.

Seven students and instructor Tim Parker reinforced the deck posts and fastened deck boards and other connections with proper deck screws. The work was very important as the United Way office makes plans and preparations for the 2019 tax season as a VITA site. In order to retain a VITA site, it must be accessible to all members of the community, and the ramp provided the only accessible means of entry into the building. The VITA program is an IRS program operated by volunteers and a site coordinator offering free tax preparation services to any household making less than $60,000/year. The students made short work of the repairs, completing the project in just a couple of short hours. The structure was left stable, secure, safe and in much better shape than they found it.

The United Way of Northern Chautauqua County’s mission is to empower our local community through education, financial stability and health. One in three of our neighbors have been impacted by local outcome based programming, funded by strategic investments of $4,010,150 since 1999. The United Way is located at 626 Central Avenue, Dunkirk. Visit them on the web at www.unitedwayncc.org; follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.