Susan Honeychurch recognized as an outstanding educator at Fredonia CSD

Educator spotlight

Pictured is Mrs. Susan Honeychurch in action. Mrs. Honeychurch has been a physical therapist at Fredonia Central School for 26 years.

Fredonia Central School District takes the needs of all of our students very seriously. We are also aware that early intervention with children leads to improved academic, behavioral, and social outcomes and is critical to the prevention of a multitude of difficulties they may encounter later in life. One person who takes this philosophy very seriously, and lives by it every day, is our very own physical therapist, Mrs. Susan Honeychurch.

Mrs. Honeychurch has worked with Fredonia Central School children for the last 26 years, initially as a private contractor, but in the last 10 years as a Fredonia School District employee. Mrs. Honeychurch works with children as young as kindergarten age all the way up to seniors in high school. She is empathetic, incredibly knowledgeable, and takes the time to develop great relationships with the students, staff, and parents of children she works with.

In addition to her daily caseload, Mrs. Honeychurch is one of the ‘Sunshine Sisters’ at Fredonia Elementary School. She collaborates with Mrs. Goot and Mrs. Gruber to provide ‘sunshine’ to our teachers and staff through themed luncheons, personalized notes and cards, and recognition on special occasions. Mrs. Honeychurch is also the Instructional Leader for the Support Services Team at FCSD, attending Curriculum Council, and leading department meetings with her colleagues. Mrs. Honeychurch is kind, gracious, thoughtful, generous, and truly a driving force of the good work we do at Fredonia Central School District. It is with great pride and honor that the Fredonia Central School District is choosing to showcase Mrs. Susan Honeychurch as an Outstanding Educator for our district. Special people like Mrs. Honeychurch make our school an amazing place for all students.