Neighbors surprised by new hospital location

The announcement of the location for the new Brooks Memorial Hospital came as a shock to many, but it was just as much of a surprise for the future neighbors of the facility.

Residents of the neighborhood told the OBSERVER they were not approached prior to the announcement of the location of behind 3710-3724 East Main Road on Sept. 29 and its subsequent release by the media.

Some residents have lived on East Main Road, Route 20, in the town of Pomfret for decades, but although they are accustomed to traffic, they fear the changes that will happen to the mainly residential/agricultural area.

“This throws us in the middle of turmoil. I’m not just talking about the construction phase, but ongoing forever; helicopters and ambulances and the to and fro of trucks and delivery services and so forth. It’s too much to even imagine for the average household,” one resident said, expounding on concerns about sirens and lights.

Residents added they have sought help from elected officials for their concerns.