National Grid provides new online cost comparison tool

Evaluating energy costs is now easier for National Grid upstate New York residential customers who receive their energy supply from an energy supply company, or ESCO. A new online cost comparison tool is available on the company’s website that will compare costs between a customer’s chosen ESCO and National Grid.

For more than a decade, customers have had the option to choose an energy supplier for electricity and natural gas. Customers can choose from a variety of ESCO’s or allow National Grid to be their supply company. This is reflected on customer bills in the “supply” section. National Grid delivers the energy through its system of pipes and wires and typically continues to provide a consolidated bill to reflect both delivery and supply charges.

The new online service now available will allow customers who are currently receiving their supply service from an ESCO to see what their 12-month ESCO bill history has been in comparison to what their bill would have been if they had not chosen an ESCO.

This new comparison tool is part of the New York State Public Service Commission’s (PSC) efforts to provide increased information to customers about the energy supply choices available to them.

“Comparison information like this empowers National Grid customers to make an informed decision on energy supply,” said Ken Daly, New York state president of National Grid. “We urge our customers to exercise care when shopping for an energy supplier and compare plans from several ESCO’s before making a decision. This comparison tool will make it easier for National Grid customers who have chosen an ESCO to compare their costs with what they would have paid using National Grid as their supply company.”

Customers are not required to choose an ESCO. National Grid will continue to acquire electricity and natural gas on behalf of customers and pass along the costs without markup. The online tool will only provide a comparison of price and is not intended to reflect other options or services any ESCO may provide.

National Grid has no affiliation with ESCO’s and each ESCO sets its own supply rates. All ESCO’s must be approved by the New York PSC before being a part of National Grid’s program. National Grid does not collaborate with ESCO’s in their marketing or business practices and urges its customers to not share their bill or account information with an ESCO representative unless they have decided to switch their supplier service. If a customer has a complaint or concern about an ESCO’s marketing practices, they should contact the New York Public Service Commission at 1-888-697-7728.