DFT Communications recognizes National Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day

Submitted Photo Pictured front row, left to right: Kendall Azzarella, Adrina Lagano, Nathan Keefe, Mikaela Sciarrino, Micah Davis, Simon Davis and Ben Amidon. Back row, left to right: Maria Maytum and DFT Employees Brian Azzarella, Chelsea Munson, Nick Keefe, Rob Sciarrino, Shannon Davis and Doug Amidon.

Each year, National Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day is recognized during the month of April and is an event intended as an educational program where parents take their children to work with them for one day. This year, DFT Communications participated in the event on Thursday, April 27th and welcomed many of our employee’s daughters and sons to spend some time and see what their parents do during their typical work day. The event goes far beyond just seeing what a typical work day looks like for mom or dad. It is meant to be an important educational experience that shows them the value of their education, a balanced work and family life, opportunities to envision their own future and achieving their own goals.

Mark R. Maytum, President and COO of DFT Communications, was on hand to welcome the group and stated, “We’re happy to host so many of our employee’s sons and daughters at DFT Communications. We have a strong history in the community and are proud of the work their mom’s and dad’s do at DFT each day. Our children are our greatest assets and DFT is proud to have an opportunity to be a part of their learning. I am confident that they have each walked away having had a great experience”.

The day began with a welcome in the Corporate Offices located at 40 Temple Street in Fredonia. The children were given a tour of the facilities and had the opportunity to interact with many of the employees in the various departments. Also included was a tour of The Netsync Store at 38 Temple Street at which point they were able to join their mom or day and learn some of the duties and job responsibilities they perform each day. The group was then treated to a tour of the Telecommunications Museum next door to the company at 44 Temple Street in Fredonia to see and learn about the history of communications and the important role it has played in Northern Chautauqua County for over 119 years. The tour gave them the opportunity to view over 500 artifacts that are on display and related it all back to the reasons for the jobs their moms and dads and maybe even some of their grandmothers and grandfathers enjoy today.

The group was then welcomed back to the Corporate Offices where they enjoyed light refreshments and were given the opportunity to ask questions of several DFT employees. A group photo was taken and each child received a gift bag in appreciation for them spending time in the workplace at DFT.

Wendy Barlette, Human Resources Director at DFT shares, “it was a pleasure to host our employee’s children at DFT”. It was a nice group of children who were interested in learning and who enjoyed the interaction with many of our employees. The children who spent the day with us included Benny Amidon, son of Doug Amidon; Kendall Azzarella, daughter of Brian Azzarella; Micah and Simon Davis, sons of Shannon Davis; Nathan Keefe, son of Nick Keefe; Adrina Lagano, daughter of Chelsea Munson; Maria Maytum, daughter of Mark and Julie Maytum; and Mikaela Sciarrino, daughter of Rob Sciarrino. I would like to personally say thank you to our management and staff who made the children feel so welcome and who took the time to make their experience so enjoyable.”