More jobs for Rand Products

OBSERVER Staff Report

SINCLAIRVILLE — A Sinclairville business on Route 60 will be consolidating with another in Falconer with the hopes of adding 40 new jobs. But in doing so, the county Industrial Development Agency is going to take a hit of $350,000.

Kevin Sanvidge, president and chief executive officer of the IDA, said the Spartan Tool Co. business will be moving to the Rand Machine Products Inc. location at 2072 Allen St., which are both part of the Ruhlman Industrial Properties, LLC division.

According to its website, Rand Machine Products is a family owned custom build-to-print manufacturing company and machine shop offering a wide range of manufacturing capabilities to support diverse industries’ product lines. They include aerospace, defense, transportation, medical, industrial, furniture, oil and gas, and energy.

Sanvidge said much of the company’s business is with government contracts. He said some of the assistance from the IDA will allow for greater cash flow in getting additional contracts worked out.

“We’ll work with you guys,” Sanvidge said about the IDA talks with the company. “You’re not taking these jobs out of the county. … This is going to grow the business and they are going to have the financial backing they’ve needed for a long time.”