New online campus calendar makes it easy to find events at Fredonia

The Department of Marketing and Communications at the State University of New York at Fredonia has established a new, robust online campus calendar for the university website. “Events @ Fredonia” is live at

A year of planning, set-up, and configuration has gone into the project, led by Web Content Manager Jonathan Woolson, using a service called Localist. The resulting Events @ Fredonia calendar is a major improvement over the previous public calendar.

Improvements include:

¯ A simpler, clean look with clear navigation

¯ A showcase slideshow at the top of the homepage, featuring major campus events

¯ Users can easily share and promote the events they’re attending or interested in on social media

¯ The ability to link from all ticketed events directly to the Fredonia Ticket Office so that members of the public can easily purchase tickets online

¯ The ability for calendar users to filter and sort events by type, location, department, etc.

The improvements will not only streamline communication within the campus community, it will also help the surrounding communities find, follow, or even help promote events on campus. “We have heard from the residents of Fredonia, Dunkirk, and surrounding areas their desire to easily find discussions, performances and other special events,” said Jeff Woodard, director of Marketing and Communications at Fredonia. “This calendar lays out events by day, by location, or by the type of event.”

Once a user signs up for an account on the calendar, they can receive updates and reminders via email for events they are interested in. Also, users have the ability to post any event to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. While all academic departments and student groups can post events through internal room reservation systems, anyone can submit events involving a campus location or group, and that event can be posted.