September is Mature Worker recognition month

September has traditionally been set aside to recognize and appreciate the tremendous value of our mature population in the workplace. It’s quite easy to realize this if you’ve had this unique breed working for you.

They are dependable and usually report to work early. Mature workers have a very high dependability rate and less absenteeism.

They believe in doing the job right.

They believe in finishing the job.

They have less on the job accidents when compared to other age groups.

They don’t need someone to be standing over them and watching to see if they are really working.

They are less expensive to train.

They are eager and willing to be trained to learn new things.

They are computer savvy. The fastest rising population for learning about computers is the 60 plus group.

They believe in giving a full day’s work for a full day’s pay.

They can and do meet company productivity expectations.

They have flexibility, motivation, and excellent perception. “Those who use it, don’t lose it.”

They can be evaluated for experience and previous job performance rather than just potential.

They have commitment to their job.

They prefer to continue with some type of gainful employment after retirement.

Younger workers learn from older workers.

They provide substance to the work force.

Are these enough reasons for hiring them?

For more information call Linda Spaulding at the Chautauqua County Office for the Aging, 753-4856.